Shape Tape: the DIY Painter’s Tape

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Shape Tape: the DIY Painter’s Tape

Shape Tape, the latest painter’s tape from FrogTape, is a do-it-yourselfer’s best friend.

Available in three pre-cut patters, including Wave, Chevron and Scallop, Shape Tape makes personalizing walls, desks and other surfaces around your home a breeze. Take a look at their Pinterest board for inspirational and creative ideas.

Shape Tape

Shape Tape by FrogTape

Shape Tape can be applied on any painted surface that’s at least 24 hours old. Although it’s potential is not limited only to painted surfaces. Shape Tape can be applied to a multitude of surfaces found throughout your home, including wallpaper, faux finishes, furniture, floors and accessories.

Shape Tape makes it simple to achieve unique, repetitive and decorative painting styles, and at $14.99 dollars per 25-yard roll, it’s an inexpensive way to totally transform or freshen up the walls and surfaces in your home with paint.

Bring your painting projects to life with Shape Tape by FrogTape; it’s the tool every DIYer needs in their painter’s toolbox.

Swing by either Norberg Paints locations in Sioux Falls, pick up a roll and try it for yourself.¬†We know you will love Shape Tape for how simple it is to apply and for the amount of time you’ll save on your DIT painting projects.

Watch the video below to get ideas for different ways you can use Shape Tape.