You’ve decided on a paint color and chosen one of our industry-leading, high quality brands. So what’s next? Selecting the necessary paint supplies for the job at hand. Norberg Paints is one-stop shopping for any DIY (do it yourself) project. With over 125 years of combined knowledge and expertise, is it any wonder why Sioux Falls homeowners continue to get their painting equipment from Norberg Paints? We will help you choose the proper paint applicators, masking supplies, and any additional painting tools you might need.


What type of paint brush do you need? From thickness and width to shape and texture, there are many different factors that can come into play. Stop into either one of our Sioux Falls Norberg Paints locations and we will help you determine what type of paint brush is right for the job. Our paint brush selection includes flat brushes, flat chip brushes, utility brushes, and angled sash brushes.

The size of your paint brush will coincide with the type of painting project. The 3 most commonly used paint brush sizes for the do-it-yourselfer are the 2 1/2" flat brush, 2 1/2" angled sash brush, and 2" angled sash brush.
For best results, natural hair paint brushes should be used with oil-based paints and cleaned with paint thinner after usage.
For best results, synthetic hair paint brushes should be used with water-based paints. Generally made of nylon or polyester, synthetic paint brushes are much more coarse than natural hair brushes.
For best results, flagged paint brushes should be used with latex paints. The ends of a flagged paint brush are split, allowing for a smoother application with less brush streaks.


Paint rollers are all the same, right? Nope. Depending on the paint job at hand, roller covers differ in width and density, and range in materials from polyester to microfiber. Norberg Paints has Sioux Falls and its surrounding communities covered with an extensive inventory of paint trays, plastic paint caddie liners, roller frames, and roller covers.

3/8" or 1/2"
The 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch are the best all-purpose roller covers, effective in most painting projects.
The 3/8-inch roller cover is most commonly used on smooth or lightly textured walls.
The 1/2-inch roller cover can be used on nearly any surface, but is generally preferred for moderately coarse walls, textured plaster, and concrete.
The 3/4-inch roller cover is commonly used on rough surfaces, heavily textured walls or ceilings, texturized plaster, and concrete.
The 1/4-inch roller cover is ideal for smooth surfaces, generally used on new walls, ceilings, trim pieces, and wooden doors.

Paint Masking Supplies

Any Sioux Falls homeowner with a painting project under their belt knows that drips, drops, and crooked painting lines can ruin an interior design job faster than you can say “drop cloth.” Protect your surfaces, windows, baseboards, and any other trim pieces with masking supplies from Norberg Paints. Our painter’s tape will keep your lines looking sharp and straight, while our selection of masking paper and drop cloth will prevent any paint-related damages.

Commercial Painting Supplies

Norberg Paints is a local leader when it comes to providing dependable, high quality commercial painting supplies that Sioux Falls paint contractors trust to get the job done right, and on time. As a commercial painter, your livelihood depends on the look and lifespan of your paint job, and no one understands this better than Norberg Paints. Not only do we offer industry-best brands, Norberg Paints also carry additional painting equipment such as paint sprayers, spray tips, respirators, sandpaper, sanding blocks, masking film, masking paper, and commercial floor coverings (drop cloth).