Paint, Don’t Carve Your Pumpkins this Halloween

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Paint, Don’t Carve Your Pumpkins this Halloween

Can you believe it’s October already?! The leaves are falling outside our stores, indicating that fall is here. You know what that means? It’s time to wrap up your outdoor painting projects and bring it inside. Fortunately, there are endless painting opportunities to keep you occupied when the weather makes exterior projects less than conductive.

Many people would say fall is their favorite season, and honestly, who could blame them? The leaves are changing colors, your favorite things (coffee, cupcakes, bread, beer, etc.) come pumpkin flavored, and cozy fall fashion is once again in vogue.

While all these things are indeed great characteristics of the season, one cannot forget the part that makes fall, fall: the gourd that occupies your stoop or doorway, the pumpkin.

There are so many ways to decorate a pumpkin. Carving is always a popular option. The only problem with that is that once you cut into the pumpkin and gut it, it begins to rot. It will quickly become soggy, droopy and smelly. You’re lucky if it makes it to Halloween. And carving a pumpkin can be dangerous. We don’t even want to think about the many accidental slips of the knife that result in emergency room visits every October.

This year, rather than carving your pumpkin, why not try painting it? Pumpkin painting is safe for all ages. The blank canvas of the pumpkin lends itself to unlimited creativity, and cleanup is much easier.

Pinterest is an excellent place to start when searching for unique designs that go against the traditional pumpkin face design of triangle eyes, nose and a rigid, angry mouth.

Chevron pumpkin design (via Pinterest)

Take the chevron pumpkin idea, for example. This pattern can be achieved using Shape Tape, which we sell in our stores. Firmly press in place the pre-cut Shape Tape. Leave gaps between the strips of tape as these are the areas that will take the first color of paint. With your brush and paint color of choice (1 or 2 colors), carefully paint between the lines of the Shape Tape as not to spill over the edges. Use either a white or orange pumpkin.

What type of paint sticks to pumpkins?

You can use a variety of paint types to decorate your pumpkins. Most likely you have something that will work already lying around your house. The following paints all work wonderful for pumpkin painting.

• Acrylic Paint
• Spray Paint
• Puff Paint
• Latex Paint

If your paint supply is dried up or you need a different color, come to Norberg for the exact right color. We also have dozens of brushes to choose from and the afore mentioned Shape Tape if you’d like to try painting a Pinterest-style gourd this year.

We wish you the best of luck with your pumpkin painting this fall. Have a safe, spooky and wonderful Halloween, and don’t eat all your (or your kid’s) candy in one night.