It’s Time for a Winter Spruce-Up

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It’s Time for a Winter Spruce-Up

As far as turning points go for this time of year, we’re 1 for 2. We’re past the Winter solstice, so our days are getting lighter, but we’re still in the middle of January—the coldest month of the year.

One of the best ways to get through the winter doldrums is to get creative and make some change to your immediate environment. So, it’s time for a winter spruce-up!

There are several ways to make the winter a little warmer with small modifications to your home interior. And being inside jobs, you don’t have to freeze to get them done.

Here are a few ideas to spark your creativity:

New Drapes or Blinds

Window coverings do much more than filter light in and out. They can be designed to match or compliment other aspects of your room. A new set of drapes or blinds can be an elegant way to add considerable style and warmth without taking up valuable space.

Patterned Wall

How about something a little more subtle? Simply adding a pattern with some chevron tape can give a room a whole different feel. Check out this blog on shape tape to learn more.

A Fresh New Color

While we tend to think of painting projects in the spring and summer months, it’s not too cold to paint inside! You shouldn’t paint outside in weather colder than 40 degrees, but you can paint your interior rooms any time. We recommend you use a low VOC paint.

Jeanne OmlandWe wrote last year about how color can affect your atmosphere and mood. Making just one room in your home feel brighter, warmer, or more relaxed can have a significant impact.

Ready to get creative?

Norberg Paints’ creative guru Jeanne will help you find just the right combination of elements for your winter spruce-up. Then when spring comes you can have a bit more time to get out and enjoy the colors of nature.