Industrial Coating

If you work in the field of metal fabrication, you know the importance of industrial coating. Safety is a top concern during steel construction, whether you’re working with railcars, transformers, storage tanks or the beams of a bridge. So don’t entrust your craftsmanship to a secondary, cheaper industrial maintenance coating. Norberg Paints will protect your steel fabrication against corrosion with the help of the highest performing, most dependable brands in the business like PPG True Finish and Devoe International. Professional metal fabrication requires a professional-grade industrial coating. Stop into Norberg Paints today and let our experienced staff help you find the steel primer or protective coating to get the job done.

Floor Coating

No matter the purpose: style or safety, traction or texture, Norberg Paints has a floor coating solution for your garage, warehouse or commercial staging area. With a wide selection of floor epoxy and anti-slip coating products, our non skid surfaces have covered everything from a factory floor to the bed of a pickup truck. That’s right! Although our non slip coating is primarily used on floors, it is not exclusive to the ground. Our floor coating is used on trailers, truck beds, and boats as well. Prevent injury and promote safety with the floor coating solutions from Norberg Paints.

Traffic & Field Marking Paint

What is a football arena without turf paint? Green carpet. What is a highway without traffic striping paint? A long slab of pavement. What is an electrical dig without field paint? Trouble. Let Norberg Paints supply you with the proper inverted striping paint and field equipment for any marking task. Whether your sports league needs athletic line paint for the fields or your municipal crew needs traffic marking paint for the city streets, we will help you select the necessary inverted marking paint to get the job done right.

Pool Paint

Remember when you were young, the long list of “don’ts” to follow at your local swimming pool? Here is one more to abide by: don’t use a cheap pool paint. Inferior swimming pool paint can lead to chalking, blisters, bubbles, and other defects that can damage a pool’s surface. Newly constructed or previously painted, backyard swimming pool or commercial water park, Norberg Paints has reliable, high quality VOC compliant pool coating for any size project. From synthetic rubber based and chlorinated rubber based to epoxy and high build epoxy, let us help you protect your investment and keep the summer fun going!

Masonry Sealers

Call it what you want to: masonry sealer, brick protection, stonework waterproofing or concrete sealant. When working with cement it is crucial that you use some type of protective masonry treatment to prevent against weather damage and unwanted moisture. Frost and mold are just a couple different types of water damage that may cause corrosion, deterioration, staining, and structural failure. The knowledgeable staff at Norberg Paints can help you avoid costly wall repairs and crack filling by choosing the right water repellant the very first time. Our experienced team will establish what your sealant needs are, and where your structure might be most vulnerable to water damage. From the driveway to the patio, from the foundation to the chimney, Norberg Paints is ready to cover your craftsmanship.