Color your Mood

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Color your Mood

Have you ever noticed how differently you feel in different environments? Inspired in the wilderness. Energized by the buzz of the coffee house. Subdued in the cold dark of a South Dakota winter day.

Various aspects of indoor environments–where we spend nearly ALL of our time in the winter–can have important consequences for well being. One of the strongest and yet most subtle influencers is written right on the walls: COLOR.

It’s well known that colors mean different things to people in different cultures; it’s equally true that the colors we’re surrounded with can have significant effects upon our mood1.

If you’re ready to think about giving one of your rooms an attitude adjustment, get started with the Glidden® Room Painter to find some colors that work for you.

Then stop in and we’ll help you pull it all together with just the right paint.


For a quick demo of how the Glidden® Room Painter can help your color selection process, check out Sarah’s Living Room Makeover.

  1. See The Psychology of Color or How Color Affects Our Mood for a general overview. Be sure to note as well that none of the meanings associated with colors are definitive. A person’s experience can also determine the impact a certain color might have on them. []