Brushing Tips from Stuart Norberg

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Brushing Tips from Stuart Norberg

Stuart Norberg has been painting walls since he could hold a brush. OK, that may be a slight exaggeration, but as co-owner of Norberg Paints, he’s been in the painting business a long time.

Over the years, he’s worked with and educated customers of all different skill levels, and a common misunderstanding as it turns out, when it comes to painting, is how to actually apply the paint to the brush. This is a core fundamental painting skill you must have in order to paint efficiently and masterfully.

In the video below, Stuart Norberg provides brush advice that you can take advantage of for your next interior or exterior painting project.

Tip: Purchase the right brush for the job.

If you’re using latex paint, which most people use these days, you should buy a pure polyester or nylon blend brush. We carry both types from Corona and Wooster. If your paint is oil-based, get a bristle brush.

Tip: Get the appropriate amount of paint on your brush.

Do not dunk your brush all the way into the paint and scrape off the excess. When you do that, you are removing all the paint from the brush that you want to put on the wall. Instead, dip the brush into the paint about halfway.

Tip: Slap, don’t scrape it.

After you’ve applied paint to your brush, instead of scraping the brush against the side of the can, slap it. Practice this for ten minutes or so, until you have the procedure down.

As always, feel free to stop by either Sioux Falls Norberg Paints location and ask us if you have questions about this painting tip or other techniques. We have the products and know-how to get you on the right track.